Welcome to my little piece of digital real estate.  I'm William Clark.  The owner, operator, and creator behind WcMade.  Everything on here is made by me in my shop.  For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated with how things work, why they work, and how to modify or improve them.  Everything I own has the warranty voided pretty swiftly.  How do people resist the urge to take something apart and learn about the magic inside?!?  

My obsession is designing and creating things that are unique and high quality in both form and function.  Everything I have available is done right or not done at all.  My mission is to deliver the best possible product in a timely manner and maintain 100% positive customer satisfaction.  All of my knives have a lifetime warranty and I'll be happy to resharpen them.

All of the raw materials and supplies I use are from American sources.  Any purchase you make here goes directly to support a small American business and family.

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Me and Taylor