Carved from a billet of O1 tool steel, hardened, double tempered, dark stonewash/acid etched, and sharpened to a hair splitting 15 degree 8 micron edge.  I love working with O1 tool steel.  It hardens nicely during heat treatment and can be sharpened to a scary sharp edge that it holds very well.  

The handle is beautifully sculpted from cabinet quality American sourced red oak.  The tang of the blade runs the entire length passed the lanyard hole for added strength.

She is meant to be used and not just a shelf queen.  The handle is easily removed for quick cleaning.  The edge is sharpened to an acute 15 degree angle for easily slicing through meat, hair, and hide.

8 inches overall length with a blade edge of 4.25 inches.

Lead time is currently about one week.

Custom Camper

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