Proudly made in the USA!  Free Shipping in the USA!  The BAFM Face Mill utilizes inexpensive and easy to source TCMT 21.51 inserts.  Don't let its good looks fool you.  The 1.5" diameter 4 flute design allows sub two horsepower mills to easily achieve 4 in3 MRR or more in 6061 aluminum.  It also finishes as well as it roughs leaving a near mirror finish on contours and faces.  See video below. 

It's not just for aluminum.  Using the provided inserts and the right feeds and speeds will allow it to chew right through carbon steels, cast iron, and stainless steels at impressive rates while leaving a near mirror finish.

The 3/4" hardened steel shank works in any spindle that can hold a 3/4" tool.  The collar features a groove that makes it compatible with the Tormach© style auto tool changer.

No need to scour the catalogs hunting the correct inserts, screws, or arbor.  Each tool comes preloaded with four Mitsubishi NX2525 TCMT 21.51 inserts and torx head screws.  It's ready to rip right out of the box.  Just load and go!

Diameter:  1.5" body.  1.565" cut width

Height:  2.375" from shoulder to body bottom

Note:  Rigidity is greatly improved by seating the collar against the spindle nose when mounting.

BAFM 1.5 Inch Face Mill

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